It doesn’t always have to be a todo list

As developers we try out a lot of things. New libraries and frameworks, the latest language features and so on. What’s the best way to do so? Yes, you’re right: write a simple application that has as many different features as possible to cover as many aspects as possible. So imagine you’re new to, let’s say Angular. What are you building first (of course after the awesome heroes application)? A todo list. Then you maybe want to try out React. What are you building? Another todo list. And so on. After a few frameworks it’s getting more and more boring – it’s time to think of alternatives.
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What is so special about Yarn? Basically Yarn is just another package manager for the web – like NPM or Bower. But it has some features that make it worth to have a look at it. If you go to, the website of Yarn, you get a list of key features of this package manager:

  • fast
  • secure
  • reliable

That pretty much sums up what the creators of Yarn learned from the mistakes of the other package managers. Under the hood, Yarn is not a revolution of package management but the next step of evolution. Continue reading “Yarn”